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Guitar Tuner/Chord Finder – Quik Tune

Product Information:

  • Electric & bass
  • Built in Mic for Acoustic
  • Built in Chord Finder. over 250 chords.
  • Guitar Professor

Item Description

Quik Tune Guitar Professor. This is a fully chromatic tuner with a large LCD screen which offers a ‘chord finder’ facility. The Guitar Professor features the almost standard Quik Tune readout format of a swinging LCD needle onscreen, guided by opposing direction arrows and a central green light for ‘in tune’ status. TAB style referejce is accessed by three buttons for ‘chord’, ‘maj/min’ and ‘7th-9th’.Features : LCD swinging needle Green ‘in tune’ status lightTAB style chord referance250 ChordsMajor, Minor, 7th & 9thsPitch Pipe

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